A California Non Profit Corporation

SCRN is incorporated

SCRN is now a non profit California corporation.

In order to provide better service to the community and members SCRN has been incorporated as a non profit mutual benefit corporation.  12/14/2007

The Frazier is no longer cross toned.11/22/2008


Northern California frequencies listed on the MEMBERS page.  We are connected

at this time.  1/7/2007

For information, please contact WB6DYM or N6ENL .

Major areas covered

(Site Coverage Plots)

Greater Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, some of Imperial, Ventura, Kern, San Diego and Fresno Counties.

Parts of western and southern Nevada.

Site status as of 7/10/2008

Angels Peak N. Las Vegas, Nv. 440 Linked
Baker Baker, Ca. 440 Linked
Blue Ridge Wrightwood, Ca. 440 Linked
Crestline  (Heaps Peak) Crestline Ca. 440 - 2 meter Linked         
Crestline  (Paivika Ridge) Crestline Ca. 440 Linked via Internet      
Frazier Peak Bakersfield, Ca. 440 Linked 
Johnstone Peak Pomona, Ca. 440 Stand Alone
Lower Potosi Goodsprings, Nv. 440 Linked
Mount Lukens Pasadena, Ca. 440 Linked
Mount Wilson Pasadena, Ca. 440 Linked
Oat Mountain Northridge, Ca. 440 Linked
Onyx Peak Big Bear, Ca. 440 Linked
Otay Mountain Chula Vista, Ca. 440 Linked
Running Springs San Bernardino, Ca. 440 Linked
Saddle Peak Malibu, Ca. 440 Linked
Santa Ynez Santa Barbara, Ca. 440 Linked
Santiago Peak El Toro, Ca. 440 Linked
Spirit Mountain Laughlin, Nv. 440 Linked
Sierra Peak Corona, Ca. 440 Linked
Sulphur Mtn. Ojai, Ca. 440 Linked
Sunset Ridge Ontario, Ca. 440 Linked